Introducing The Social Market Way Scholarship Program

If you want to affect the future for the better, you need to start by supporting our talented children and youths: after all, they are going to be the leaders of the future in each and every field. With this in mind, we’ve started the Social Market Way Scholarship program to give explicit support to promising young leaders in the field of digital agency.

Why Digital Agency?

Technology moves at an unbelievable rate, and it isn’t going backwards. Even in the past fifteen years it’s easy to forget that at one point Google, Facebook, and YouTube didn’t even exist, and was assumed to be destined for failure. Thankfully, many visionaries followed their vision instead of listening to conventional wisdom.

Various areas in the digital world will have the power to change the world for the better, and the Social Market Way Scholarship program embraces this by offering educational scholarships for those young leaders who look to bring new ideas, vision, and guidance into the digital marketplace.

Our goal with this scholarship is to provide these future young leaders with the extra support they need in the beginning to build not only on the overall experiences and work of the people who are already on the field, but also mix that collect experience with the vision and ideas these individuals have for improving a variety of different areas. This includes the big three of business, life, and wealth!

What Are We Looking For?

Keep in mind our scholarship is based on the digital world, and we want this special scholarship competition to not only inspire massive creativity and innovation among all the applicants but also encourage self-development in each and every individual.


Keep this in mind when applying!

What You Need To Do

Every year for this scholarship competition, applicants need to create a short video between 2-5 minutes where you talk about:

– How ideas have shaped our current world

– Why education is critical for success

– What motivates you

– What does greatness mean to you and why do you strive for it?

Add in real world examples of what you’ve done in real life to spread ideas in the online world or how you would tackle online marketing for an idea.

The reward? The winner receives $2,000 for higher education as well as receiving the amazing opportunity to intern with Social Market Way, one of the hottest companies in the world of digital marketing.


Scholarship Guidelines and Application